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Here’s what families are saying about Bloomingdale School of Music.....


"These Past Twelve Years Have Gone Much Too Quickly" 
“Bloomingdale School of Music has been the studio of my artwork for the past twelve years and the foundation for what one day may become a possible job opportunity. While I have chosen to pursue a major in architecture at the  University of Notre Dame, there are a number of pianos across the entire campus that students are allowed to practice and play on and I will most certainly be doing do. As the years passes, it wasn’t always easy to get practicing time in, but I feel my passion for playing has kept me going. Just sitting down at the piano after reading a terribly long novel for English class makes my heart and soul all that much happier. These past twelve years have gone much too quickly, and I thank everyone at the Bloomingdale School of Music for their time and support, especially my teacher. Even though I didn’t practice as much as I should’ve, my teacher managed to compliment my playing with a smile on her face. She pushed me to memorize and play pieces I thought were too hard or fast; in the end, I was able to play them flawlessly and satisfied both my teacher and myself. My teacher has been wonderful and I will miss her dearly as I head off to college. I wish the best of luck to all incoming and present students. Keep practicing!” Cathy Rivera, Bloomingdale

"Our Son Looks Forward To His Lesson Each Week!"
"Our son has been a student at the Bloomingdale School of Music for eight years! He started with group lessons when he was 5 years old and enjoyed his teacher and the class so much that he decided to continue with private lessons. The school does an excellent job of matching the  instructors to the  students to ensure the best possible experience. There was a period when our son started to lose interest in piano and wanted to quit; however, a change in instructors was made, and now our son is playing different types of music, loves to play piano again and practices several times a day with no prompting from his parents! His instructor is so enthusiastic and interested that our son looks forward to his lesson each week and feels they are too short! We love the additional opportunities the school provides for the students to develop their self confidence by having regular recitals, the opportunity to perform on a formal stage in a auditorium and preparation for the Illinois State Contest. The instructors take the time to review the lesson and the student’s progress at the end of each session. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional music school and a better experience!" Lori & Dennis Anders, Carol Stream


I'd like to say THANK YOU for 15 years of lessons that truly shaped Kristyn's life.

She started in the Kindermusik program which exposed her to music and the arts. Keyboard lessons paved the way to the official piano lessons which Kristyn thoroughly enjoyed and will miss as she goes off to college to pursue her chemical engineering degree.

Tom and I are convinced, without a doubt that the piano lessons helped develop Kristyn's natural talents in art, math and science. We have always felt that music is an important part of education and the Bloomingdale School of Music did an excellent job of teaching and nurturing a love of the Arts. The recitals were a perfect length and allowed us to take a moment in our busy schedule to just sit and appreciate what music can do for our quality of life. Performing helped Kristyn stick to a practice routine and she learned how to apply that toward good study habits in order to achieve her goals.

Math and Chemistry come very easily to her which we feel was helped by the music lessons. Leslie, you are a gifted teacher with more patience than anyone I know! You have become a part of Kristyn's life forever. We feel truly blessed that you and your school of music was part of our daughter's life. Kristyn has already stated that she will be taking summer piano lessons on college breaks!

Thank you for the gift of hearing the piano playing in our home almost every day.

Suzy and Tom Jones


Kristyn's Graduation

"High Expectations in a Positive, Encouraging Manner" 
"We truly are very pleased with our experience at your school and often recommend it to people interested in quality music education. I like the frequency of recital offerings - it gives the kids something to work towards and keeps their interest. The teacher is very enthusiastic and relates well to her students. She appears to be technically very strong and has a way of setting high expectations in a positive, encouraging manner. My daughter really enjoys working with her each week.”  Renee Heitman, Roselle

"Professionalism and Approachability"
“I like the professional way everything is handled by your staff. I love the monthly debit program. The teachers, in my experience are top-notch. They have been extremely supportive of my daughter’s musical endeavors. My daughter really adores both teachers. I like their professionalism, approachability and the relationship they have developed with my daughter.” Diana Kleeman, Itasca

“Bloomingdale School of Music is a very friendly place. The staff is polite and nice. My children’s teachers are so prepared, knowledgeable and caring. They are also patient and creative. Music is such an important part of our daily lives and I am so glad my children are happy with their instrument classes at the Bloomingdale School of Music. In my opinion, this is an Academy of Music, I usually talk about it and recommend it to friends. Happy 20th Anniversary!”  Martha Angel, Bloomingdale

"A Sense of Pride" 

“I like all the teachers. I like how professional it feels but also is comfortable. I love that coffee is offered and how neat everything is. My daughter feels that it is a special music school. She feels a sense of pride being a part of the school and I think that is due to the teachers and how the school is run. There is a sense of respect for the teachers, the students and for the music! I like how professional our teacher is. I like that the lessons are fun and hard lessons are made interesting. The students don’t always know what to expect and they stay motivated. It is important that the teacher expects lessons to be learned but allows the student to set the pace. The desk staff is always wonderful. You have very professional and competent people. It feels like a treat to sit in the front room, rest and listen to the lessons. I really enjoy it. A few of us have even fallen asleep!” Suzy Jones, Bartlett

“She loves her teacher. She has really helped my daughter in her voice quality, but especially in her self confidence.” Teresa Podkowa, Schaumburg

“I love the summer concert. It gives the kids the opportunity to feel like “stars” on stage. Perfect weather for the (outdoor) Halloween recital would be nice, but since it is out of your control, I won’t push it. I like visiting with desk staff, reading and relaxing while waiting. ( It’s my “down” time! ) I like listening to the kids playing their music or singing as I doze off. It’s very soothing.” Virginia Butz, Bartlett

“I like the office staff. They are always friendly and offer me coffee all the time.”  Cely Bailie, St. Charles

“Our teacher is wonderful. I like her enthusiasm for learning and her attitude. She always greets my daughter like she is happy to see her and treats her very well. Molli enjoys her lessons and is growing in her craft.” Jackie Miller, Bartlett

“My daughter loves her instructor. She always informs me how the lesson went & what my daughter needs to work on. Also, what her next assignment is. My daughter has really come far since we began here.” Jacqueline Guglielmo, Medinah

(The desk staff is) “Always very friendly, helpful and cheerful. Always asking if I want a cup of coffee. Very nice women and that is important.” Zaira Defino, Bloomingdale

“I love everything about the studio especially the education my children have received - from Mom and Tot Classes to private lessons. I also love how the staff is very diverse, I think it shows kids different styles all with the same goal. Both of my son’s teachers are different in their style and both make him laugh and enjoy playing music.” Lisa Gentry, Schaumburg

"Highly Experienced and Qualified"
“I’ve always enjoyed my teacher. He is very friendly, very considerate and patient with my progress and encouraging. He is highly experienced and qualified to teach.” Aimee Harris-Newon, Bartlett adult student

"Payment Terms Are Made Easy"
“I like my daughter’s teacher. I like that payment terms are made easy, that the studio is conveniently located right here in Bloomingdale, and offers a variety of class times from which to choose, The front desk is always friendly and ready to help.” Sandy Ficarra, Bloomingdale

“My teacher is fun to be with, kind, .... if I mess up she explains how to play the notes.” Lee Ann Brooks, student of five years

“I have to say, when looking for a music teacher, I called around to many places. Your studio was the only one that mailed me info about your school and fast! As soon as I received the info I was impressed and told my husband this was the school for our son. A few days later we received another flyer inviting us to the school. I was happy to see someone took time out to care we called. I went into the school and the ladies at the desk were so friendly. His teacher is great! I can tell she really cares and my son looks forward to his lessons and is enjoying lessons.” Jeanne Shockey, Glendale Heights

“The instructors are professional and qualified, yet they take a personal interest in their students. They do a good job of pushing when necessary - but they don’t over stress the students. The receptionists are courteous and professional.” Patty Kornacker, Roselle

“What I like most about Bloomingdale School of Music are the people who work there. It is a friendly, clean and quiet place. I like that I can sit outside when the weather is nice. The teachers do a great job of getting to know and understand the students. There is nothing I dislike - except I wish I lived closer.” Tina Smith, St. Charles

“I like that my children’s current teachers adapt to their learning needs. A smile when you arrive is always nice! Where do you find these ladies? I can’t think of anything we dislike about any of the desk staff.” Janine Sabal, Bloomingdale

“The recitals are a great way for the student to perform in front of a group. They are a great way for the student to build their self confidence and performing skills.” Tina DeAngelis, Bloomingdale

"Professional, Friendly and Helpful"
“I have worked with Carole for myself and all three of my children. Her ability to adapt to all three children’s unique needs and learning styles have enabled them to learn to read music, play piano, and grow with other instruments. Your office staff have always been professional, friendly and helpful. Your facility is clean, bright and comfortable.” Teresa Springer, Lombard

(Desk Staff) “Very friendly. Takes times to entertain parents, answers question appropriately, watches over the kids when parents come late to pick them up - safety first! Very sincere. (Teacher) is superb! She makes sure my children have assignments to do and always updates me. Very professional. “  Noemi Juat, Bloomingdale

“We’ve attended another local school and I didn’t like anything about it. We have no complaints about this school! My daughter loves her instructor...comfortable waiting area...super friendly front area ladies!! The teacher is always on time! Keeps me very informed on my daughter’s progress. Lets me know where she needs improvement. She also keeps me informed on upcoming events and gives recommendations. Couldn’t be more pleased!” Kim Sanji, Bartlett

"Very classy! We are Grateful" 
“It is a good experience for my child. We like the stability of staff and the fact there is not frequent turnaround of new instructors. The desk staff is wonderful. They always welcome you and ask if you’d like a cup of coffee. Very classy! We are grateful!” Debra Aniolowski, Carol Stream

“Your location and hours are good for our family. Your staff is very kind to the kids and parents. It helped the boys very much to let them pick the songs they wanted to play. Now they are OK with practicing.” Greg Jayes, Bartlett

“I love the school. My kids have learned a lot and I enjoy listening to them play.” Jodi Discipio, Bloomingdale 

“Friendly atmosphere, sincere teachers.” Manjeet Rekhi, Carol Stream

“The music which has filled this house since you undertook the instruction of my son! On Jan. 31st Issac competed in the Bach Festival Young Keyboard Performers Competition at the college and placed first in his category. He gets to appear in the Bach Festival in April in a recital with the other winners. We were so pleased for him, and proud. And without you none of it would be happening. All your hard work and dedication with Issac since 2005 has really paid off. So be encouraged! You are a wonderful teacher with the most lovely smile and winning way with children. Don’t ever stop!”  Mayer Family, formerly of Roselle

"Jamming With The Teacher is the Best Part of His Wednesday" 
“I feel like I’m walking into a friend’s house when I come to Bloomingdale School of Music. Since my son started guitar lesson, his guitar is rarely out of his hands. “Jamming” with the teacher is the best part of his Wednesday! I have thoroughly enjoyed my daughter’s vocal development with her teacher’s help. Thank goodness she ended up in such capable hands.” Carol Voitl, Bartlett